Impactful Quotes from: “Leadership As An Identity” by Dr. Crawford Loritts

Leadership As

I first read this book in 2010 while I was serving in leadership over the youth staff at Sunshine.  It struck me then that this was different than most leadership books.  It talks about leading from a place of brokenness, about the importance of character, humility, dependence through prayer, and embracing servanthood as an identity.  During the first three months of this year I read this with a leadership cohort at my church.  All of the brothers in the cohort were challenged and encouraged by this book.  It was so good for me to revisit it, during this season of time, in a new leadership role at my church.  Here are 12 impactful quotes from the book…

“The leader who is broken is a leader who can be used by God…Brokenness is not a feeling or an emotion.  Rather, it requires a choice, an act of the will.  Further, this choice is not primarily a onetime experience, though there may be profound and life-changing spiritual turning points in our lives.  True brokenness is an ongoing, constant way of life.  True brokenness is a lifestyle – a moment by moment lifestyle of agreeing with God about the true condition of my heart and life – not as everyone else thinks it is but as He knows it to be.”  – pp 36-37

“I know what it means to have others depend on me for leadership and yet feel fearful, overwhelmed, and alone.  The very contradiction is a screaming reminder of my inadequacy.  And yes, I know what it’s like to have to keep ministering and leading even when the confidence has been knocked out of me.  Through all these experiences, one clear message was clear:  Crawford, you desperately need God!” – pg. 37

“As I write these words I sense my own inadequacy.  As the senior pastor of a growing church, I know I am always in over my head.  To care for and love the people, provide leadership in multiple areas at the same time, to study and preach week after week with a heart and mind that pursues excellence, to deal with the occasional crisis, to keep my heart and mind spiritually refreshed, and to keep Karen and our marriage a focused priority demands more than I have in me to give.  But it is this wonderful sense of helpless inadequacy that keeps me running to our loving, gracious, and, yes, merciful heavenly Father for His strength.”  – pg. 40

“Because your assignments are beyond your ability, and because you need to depend on God for guidance, wisdom, and power, everything you do as a distinctively Christian leader should emanate from your walk with God.”  – pg. 89

“Never underestimate the power of self-deception and the pull toward self-reliance.  Apart from the presence and power of God, these are irresistible.  Do not trust yourself.  Respond to God’s call to be your source for everything.”  – pg. 92

“God is using what He has given you to not only accomplish His assignments but to make you what He wants you to become.  Think about that for a second.  It’s important that you do not separate God’s assignments and God’s character building program.  This is at the core of your relationship with Him.  He is using what He has called you to do to make us more like His Son and to prove Himself faithful to you.”  – pg. 93

“The four jewels God uses to mature a Christian leader:  suffering, personal struggles, failure, success through hardship” – pg. 94-96

“A call to lead is a call to know God.  Please do not miss this:  A call to lead is a call to know God.  Everything you do as a leader is an extension of the presence and the work of God in your life.”  – pg. 111

“I believe the key is embracing servant leadership not as a strategy but as an identity. In other words, it’s not something you do to bring about change or fulfill your agenda, but it is who you are.  You are a servant leader just as much as you are a leader.”  – pg. 131

“The core character quality out of which servant leadership flows is humility.  There cannot be genuine servant leadership apart from genuine humility.”  – pg. 133

“As a leader you must never forget that you belong to the community of the towel and basin. Your authority to lead is directly related to your ability to serve.” – pg. 151

“Who are you pouring your life out for? Do the people you serve know and feel that they are a priority to you? Are you giving more to them than you are taking from them? Do they see your leadership flowing out of the integrity of your love and commitment to them? Do you wear the wardrobe of sacrifice?” – pg. 165


Celebrating God’s Faithfulness in 2017

This video is a snapshot of some of the ways God was at work in and through our church in 2017.  Thank you to all those who prayed for us, gave generously, or served in different capacities.  We thank God for you!

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Trusting God One Step At A Time


At the beginning of each year (at least in recent memory) I tend to feel anxious. The end of the year usually encourages me as I reflect on the Lord’s faithfulness through all of the ups and downs of the past 12 months. However, as I stand on the precipice of January 1st (yes “precipice) I feel anxious in many ways because of the 12 months of unknowns that stand in front of me. In many ways it’s like the above picture. The fog/cloud cover of the unknown future only allows me to “see the shore” of the current day (and then week and then month). Continue reading “Trusting God One Step At A Time”

A Hard Goodbye


As many of you know Pastor Aaron and I have served in ministry together for 12 years (6 years in Chicago & 6 here), and have been friends for 15 years. We have grown up in ministry together so to speak. He and his wife Sugar recently made the difficult decision to relocate to Springfield, OH. Sugar’s dad is suffering from dementia, so part of the reason for the move is to care for him and Sugar’s mom. In addition to family concerns, they also feel called to plant another church in their new city. Therefore, we (LHNC) are their sending church as they launch out and begin to learn their new neighborhood and city in Ohio. We had a very emotional going away party for them on July 23rd, and then a commissioning service for them on July 30th. Please pray for them as they get settled into their new home and community, and for our church as we grieve not having them with us. Continue reading “A Hard Goodbye”

Baby Dedication of Jaye Marie

On Sunday July 30th, we dedicated Jaye Marie to the Lord.  It was important to us that we did it while Aaron was still with us so that he could oversee the dedication.  Our church family has truly been a family to us, especially for us being so far from our families in the midwest.  We apologize for the quality of the video, but thought you would appreciate getting a glimpse of the dedication.


Love Richmond Day Camp

Shirt Love Richmond

Back in mid-January Aaron and I attended a pastor’s network luncheon where we met Andrae, the Executive Director of a non-profit organization called the 117 Project (named after Isaiah 1:17).   To make a long story short, his organization ended up running a summer day camp for K-5th graders at our church this past June/July. Praise God over 60 kids attended the 4 week camp, and heard every day the good news of Jesus! The camp was run by 25 college students and young adults who served as interns with the 117 Project over the summer.  Below is a highlight video of the Love Richmond camp experience.

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