“Soul Rest” NQ’s (notable quotes)

Soul Rest

This book is personal to me for a couple of reasons.  First of all, it is written by a good friend and brother of mine, Curtis Zackery.  I’ve known Curtis for about 14 years now, and we served together here at LHNC for three years on the same pastoral team.  Some of the personal story that he shares within the pages of this book, I witnessed and was a part of.  So I loved reading Curtis share his own spiritual journey, and the things God has taught him about finding true rest in Christ.  I was so encouraged by his transparency in the things that he has shared in this book, and I have no doubt he (by God’s grace) is continuing to grow in his posture & practice of Sabbath. Continue reading ““Soul Rest” NQ’s (notable quotes)”


Kingdom Collaboration: Eye Screening 18

This past July’s Community Eye Screening marked the 5th time (2012, 2013, 2014, 2017, & 2018) that we have partnered with Christian Layman Church to host this strategic event.  Over the course of 4 afternoons this year we were able to serve 306 people from the greater Richmond community.  This is only made possible by the grace of God and the generosity of His people.  There were 167 total volunteers that served over the course of the screening!  This included 22 optometry students and 4 optometry professors from UC Berkeley.  I don’t have the stat, but there were also several optometrists who took a day off of work, and in some cases a full week, to serve at the eye screening.  Our volunteer army also included 4 volunteers from VSP who provides all of the glasses for those who need them.  We praise the LORD for all of His provision to make this possible!

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Rwanda 18: Reflections of Gratitude


(L to R:  Jarryd, Tim, Rene, Blessed, Doc, Pastor Dennis, me, Troy, Mike)

Yesterday, I arrived safely back from Rwanda.  This year’s trip marks the 4th time (2012, 14, 16, & 18) I have traveled with a team from Hallomai to gather with a network of pastors in Kigali (the capital city) known as the Pastor’s Family Fellowship.  Each year we gather for a 3-4 day unity conference with pastors and church leaders.  It feels like a family reunion now when we gather!  On our final day in Rwanda, our team leader Blessed asked us what one word we would use to describe our time there.  My word was gratitude.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to travel to Rwanda again, grateful for the brothers on my team, grateful for the brothers and sisters we gather with in Rwanda, grateful for the opportunity to teach, grateful for the opportunity to learn, and grateful for the Lord’s grace and faithfulness to us – to name a few.  Here are a few brief reflections on our time in Rwanda this year… Continue reading “Rwanda 18: Reflections of Gratitude”

“Leadership As An Identity” NQ’s (notable quotes)

Leadership As

I first read this book in 2010 while I was serving in leadership over the youth staff at Sunshine.  It struck me then that this was different than most leadership books.  It talks about leading from a place of brokenness, about the importance of character, humility, dependence through prayer, and embracing servanthood as an identity.  During the first three months of this year I read this with a leadership cohort at my church.  All of the brothers in the cohort were challenged and encouraged by this book.  It was so good for me to revisit it, during this season of time, in a new leadership role at my church.  Here are 12 impactful quotes from the book… Continue reading ““Leadership As An Identity” NQ’s (notable quotes)”

Trusting God One Step At A Time


At the beginning of each year (at least in recent memory) I tend to feel anxious. The end of the year usually encourages me as I reflect on the Lord’s faithfulness through all of the ups and downs of the past 12 months. However, as I stand on the precipice of January 1st (yes “precipice) I feel anxious in many ways because of the 12 months of unknowns that stand in front of me. In many ways it’s like the above picture. The fog/cloud cover of the unknown future only allows me to “see the shore” of the current day (and then week and then month). Continue reading “Trusting God One Step At A Time”